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Concepts for the future – ATU final seminar

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After the ATU seminar held at Institution of Civil Engineers in Westminster last week in relation to innovation, research, and development of many new technologies relating to the underworld, the particular applications to street works was extremely engaging in terms of where such new applications will take us.

There are now systems in advanced development to determine items such as asset degradation, location, localised damage, and soils compaction through non-intrusive or invasive methods.

The ATU program applied considerable research over a prolonged period in relation to many innovations amongst which was the importance of compaction of all materials below the bituminous, modular, or concrete layers where a comprehensive report is now close to final publication.

Initial findings have shown poor reinstatement practices at lower levels allow for increased water ingress amongst other factors which will ultimately result in degradation of the road surface to include existing adjacent areas.

Further information will be available very soon.




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