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PandaYou can now hire the latest version of Panda Penetrometer or a Panda 2 device.
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Corehard are now hiring a variable energy input dynamic cone penetrometer known as the Panda.

These devices are fully portable which allow for single person operation with no enabling works required where bound layers are not found on surface. It is also suitable for use in conjunction with core sampling to ascertain ground resistance or compaction values in underlying unbound layers.

With new and recycled materials now being introduced for construction base, sub-base and backfill purposes, the relevant specification criteria for compaction can be easily monitored throughout entire depth of reinstatement up to 6m where conditions allow. We have also secured UKAS accreditation for the test method which provides fully traceable and accurate measurement which will ensure comprehensive results in validating where specification requirements are provided by client.

A particular example of this would be in relation to New Roads & Street Works Act 1991 (NRSWA) where layer values and equipment compaction passes as prescribed within the Specification for the Reinstatement of Openings in the Highway (SROH) as it can be proven without doubt where such requirements have not been fully applied, regardless of backfill material selected.

Further reading here: http://www.sustainableaggregates.com/library/docs/wrap/L0351_MRF106_SW.pdf and here http://www.corehard.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/Compaction-Air-Voids-Research-Report-CHD-RR-1112v1Bpub.pdf

Video: Video of Panda use

The device will not have an adverse affect on any stabilised or unbound material penetrated and is not generally recommended for concretes or similar bound materials, but has been successfully used on samples where resistance values were required.

1. Unbound materials or soils investigation:

This is applicable to investigations on existing and new ground, and will provide accurate information in relation to the following

  • Preliminary investigations (road structures, trenches, river banks, railway cuttings, etc)
  • Soil studies (buildings, pylons, masts, structures, etc)
  • Diagnosis and assessment (Moisture content, voids, material layers, disorders, etc)
  • Site investigations with remote or restricted access (steep slopes, tunnels, etc)
  • Monitoring of embankment stability ( Roads, Railways, Ramps, etc)

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2. Compaction Control: Where new or recycled materials are used in relation to backfill for construction or street works purpose

  • Quality control of reinstated backfills
  • Layer thickness
  • Compaction homogeneity
  • Trench or excavation backfill compaction
  • Compaction control of all types of embankments (roads, rail, earthworks, dams, dykes, etc)

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